O Virgo Splendens is a piece from the Llibre Vermell de Montserrat, a manuscript with a collection of devotional texts and pilgrim songs from the 14th century. This manuscript was compiled at the monastery of Montserrat, outside of Barcelona, Spain.

This piece is often sung as a 3-part round, but we chose to do it in unison once we started rehearsing in the performance space.

O virgo splendens O Virgin Resplendent
O virgo splendens hic in monte celso
miraculis serrato fulgentibus ubique
quem fideles conscendunt universi.
Eya, pietatis oculo placato
cerne ligatos fune peccatorum;
ne infernorum ictibus graventur
sed cum beatis tua prece vocentur.


O Virgin resplendent here on the lofty mountain,
jagged with its shining miracles about,
which all the faithful climb.
Ah, with an eye of mercy
see those bound by the bonds of sin,
let them not be weighed down by the blows of Hell
but be called by your prayers to be with the blessed.